10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell

10961: Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell
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Course Features

  • Duration 30 hour
  • Assessments Self

Ön koşul: Windows Server ve Client yönetim bilgisi ve tecrübesi. Kurumsal ortamlarda Windows Server yükleme ve yapılandırma tecrübesi. Temel Active Directory, ağ bağdaştırıcısı ve temel disk yapılandırma bilgisi ve tecrübesi.

Eğitim İçeriği

Modül 1: Getting Started with Windows PowerShell

      • Overview and Background
      • Finding and Learning Commands
      • Running Commands

Modül 2: Working with the Pipeline

      • Understanding the Pipeline
      • Selecting, Sorting, and Measuring Objects
      • Converting, Exporting, and Importing Objects
      • Filtering Objects Out of the Pipeline
      • Enumerating Objects in the Pipeline

Modül 3: Understanding How the Pipeline Works

      • Passing Data in the Pipeline By Value
      • Passing Data in the Pipeline By Property Name

Modül 4: Using PSProviders and PSDrives

      • Using PSProviders

Modül 5: Formatting Output

      • Using Basic Formatting
      • Using Advanced Formatting
      • Redirecting Formatted Output

Modül 6: Querying Management Information by Using WMI and CIM

      • Understanding WMI and CIM
      • Querying Data with WMI and CIM
      • Making Changes by Using WMI and CIM

Modül 7: Preparing for Scripting

      • Using Variables
      • Scripting Security

Modül 8: Moving From a Command to Script to Module

      • Moving From Command to Script
      • Moving From Script to Function to Module
      • Implementing Basic Error Handling
      • Using Basic Scripting Constructs
      • Exploring Other Scripting Features

Modül 9: Administering Remote Computers

      • Using Basic Remoting
      • Using Advanced Remoting Techniques
      • Using Remoting Sessions

Modül 10: Putting it All Together

      • Provisioning a New Server Core Instance

Modül 11: Using Background Jobs and Scheduled Jobs

      • Using Background Jobs
      • Using Scheduled Jobs

Modül 12: Using Profiles and Advanced PowerShell Techniques

      • Using Advanced PowerShell
      • Techniques Creating Profile Scripts
      • Working With Alternative Credentials
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